Cool Fuel 25

Cool Fuel 25
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  • Item #: 78005
  • Manufacturer: Woody's Performance Horse Feed Products

This product comes in two physical sizes to suit your program needs.
The 7/8" size is perfect for ground or bunk feeding in a group situation.  The larger "cake" size pellet encourages the horses to chew slowly so everyone gets their share.  The smaller, 1/8" size works great for bunk or bucket feeding and mixing with oats or unfortified sweet feeds.

Foals, yearlings, horses in training and mares can be fed 2.5 pounds of Cool Fuel per day, plus oats or unfortified sweet feeds (we recommend Woody's Sweet Feed) as the horses' condition dictates.

Idle performance horses and bucking horses can be fed 2.5 pounds of Cool Fuel 25 alone to maintain condition all year 'round.  Perfect for wintering your performance horses as the superior mineral package keeps them feeling good with a shiny, healthy hair coat.  The low starch content also makes Cool Fuel the perfect choice for keeping condition on a horse that's layed up and/or confined.

The power packed nutrient profile of Cool Fuel 25 means you feed less and still get exceptional results.  Look at the high quality 25% protein with high levels of lysine and methonine.  These amino acids give you the protein needed to build and repair muscle and soft tissue.  Read the label further and find all the necessary electrolytes.  Just the calcium and phosperus levels alone mirror the intake of 8 ounces of 12-12 mineral... and natural horses wouldn't eat 8 oz of 12-12.  Zinc and methonine mean better hooves on your horses, too!   In short... This is an excellent vitamin package!

Foals and yearlings-
Supplement for growth to optimize genetic potential.

Mares- Optimize genetic potential for developing foal, milk production and rebuilding while keeping the mare in great shape.

Horses in training- Keep them strong and nutritionally fit without having to ride off the starch.

Bucking horses- Try it on your "A Team" bucking horses for strong, consistant performance; you'll soon learn it can help bring your "B and C Team" bucking string up a level or two!

Idle Horses- (wintering, lay ups)- Rebuild, restore and help them shine without having to worry about excess starch energy.  Horses shed out faster, go back to performance condition quicker and stay healthier from the inside out!

Chances are good that you can get Woody's quality delivered to your town for less than you are paying for your current feed!

For delivery, orders must be a minimum of 40 bags (one ton).  We are happy to mix and match 50 pound bags to fill your pallet!

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