Exacta Oats

Exacta Oats
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  • Item #: 75000
  • Manufacturer: Woody's Performance Horse Feed Products

Our state of the art cleaning and clipping process makes the most uniform, consistant product you can feed your horse.  The oats goes through our 9 phase oatsd processing mill, which includes five cleaning processes, two clipping processes and two sizing processes.    This gives us unmatched uniformity in each batch.  See our Article page for more information on processing oats. 

The average test weight on this triple cleaned and double clipped oats is 42-44 pounds.  Make sure you do the math, all oats are not created equally!  Woody's Exacta oats gives you much more bang for your buck.  Most horsemen feed by volume, however with our dense, clean oats a coffee can will provide up to 25% more energy to your horse as it takes 65 pounds of unprocessed oats to equal the same energy as 50 pounds of Woody's Exacta Oats.

As an added note of Woody's quality, this is the same oats that we use in our Sweet Feed production!

Chances are good that you can get Woody's quality delivered to your town for less than you are paying for your current feed!

For delivery, orders must be a minimum of 40 bags (one ton).  We are happy to mix and match 50 pound bags to fill your pallet!

To Order, add to your cart and check out.  We will e-mail you within 24 hours (M-F) with a no obligation price quote to your town. 

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