Futurity Blend 18 BP

Futurity Blend 18 BP
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  • Manufacturer: Woody's Performance Horse Feed Products

Another member of our beet-pulp based family of products.  Futurity blend 18 BP is a revolutionary choice for weaning colts.  The beet pulp base is a high-fiber ingredient to give you additional safety- particularly in group feeding situations.  Start pasture feeding mares and colts 1 to 2 weeks before weaning to make it easier for them to forget their old mama and go right to the new mama... Futurity Blend 18 BP!

This product also sports a high-protein profile to satisfy the requirements of a growing foal.  The most important aspect of protein is quality, not quantity.  Futurity Blend 18 BP utilizes soybean oil as it's only protein source, coupled with added lysine and methonine.

To ensure the quality of the protein, feed a grass hay, not alfalfa.  Alfalfa hay takes the protein level too high which can create epiphysitis and other conditions related to improper nutrition during growth.

Furturity Blend 18 delivers energy from the three main nutritional groups.

  • Carbohydrates from barley and oats,
  • Fiber from beet pulp
  • Fat from vegetable oil

Each of these is metabolized differently, adding to the safety of the product.  Feed from weaning to one year of age.

 The Grade 1 level thoroughbred farms in Kentucky and other places have been at the forefront of discovering that their foals are grown to be athletes.  More is not always better-- you need steady growth each day of that foal's life and they need to look and feel like athletes every day of their lives. 

Chances are good that you can get Woody's quality delivered to your town for less than you are paying for your current feed!

For delivery, orders must be a minimum of 40 bags (one ton).  We are happy to mix and match 50 pound bags to fill your pallet!

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