Jockey Horse Treats- Special Quality for Thoroughbreds

Jockey Horse Treats-  Special Quality for Thoroughbreds
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  • Item #: JHT
  • Manufacturer: Woody's Performance Horse Feed Products


  • Economical!  Over 900 treats per pail, feed for 1.21 cents per treat!
  • Stays fresh in a 20 pound resealable pail
  • Best taste-- based on Universtity research, horses prefer our Fenugreek flavor
  • Catch your horses anywhere, build relationships of trust with treat training!
  • Great as a digestive Aid-- Triggers GI tract and brain

Jockey Horse Treats... Used by Grade 1 Thoroughbreds

 Bring the Special Quality for Thoroughbreds to YOUR barn!

...and if they're special quality for Thoroughbreds, the Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, Shetland ponies and Draft Horses will REALLY love them! :)



Jockey Horse Treats offer help to Fussy Eaters on the Track


Every trainer has had to deal with that fussy eater… the filly that won’t clean up, or the ol’ veteran that you’d like to see take on more grain.  Jockey Horse Treats has proven validity in getting those picky eaters to consume more fuel.  Try this approach:

  1. Treat train the fussy eater.

    Mix 4-5 Jockey Horse Treats into the horse’s grain mix.  It may take a feeding or two, but you’ll start to notice the horse clean up the treats quickly.

    Give the Fussy Eater 4-5 treats alone, without grain.  When she readily consumes the Jockey Treats, she is treat trained!

    2.  Now, about five minutes before you feed, give Fussy Eater 10-15 treats.

    3.  Observe… you’ll notice when Fussy Eater is eating the treats, her head is in the downward position and she is drooling and slobbering into the feed tub.  This is a great sign in that you’ve successfully stimulated the horse’s G.I. tract and primed the digestive mechanisms for the intake of food.  Many studies have been done about the importance of saliva to the digestive process.  Saliva acts as an acid buffer, which over time will improve the digestive health of all your horses.

    4.  Go ahead and dump the usual grain ration into Fussy Eater’s grain tub and leave her alone to eat.

When you go back to check on your horses, do your own study…  did she clean up better?  You’ll find that Jockey Horse Treats are successful in stimulating the appetite of many of these fussy eaters.

Give it a try-- it will work on a large portion of your fussy eaters.



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