Small Container Products

Anti-ROM Conquer Liquid M.A.S.S. Builder
Anti-ROMConquer LiquidM.A.S.S. Builder

A dietary antioxidant supplement for all classes of horses.

An effective joint supplement that pencils out at a fraction of what injections cost!

Intended Use
To support healthy weight as well as to support the muscles in the horse.




Strongid C Dominator/C Equi-Zyme
Strongid CDominator/CEqui-Zyme

STRONGID® C is an equine anthelmintic designed to be fed on a daily basis to provide a continuous, preventive level of pyrantel in the intestinal tract. It prevents migration of large strongyle larvae.

A bioavailable vitamin/mineral supplement designed to supply exceptional nutritional inputs to help you horse better utilize feed while looking and feeling like a champion.

An enzyme supplement designed to help horses better utilize thei hay and grain.




Hoof Conditioner Jockey Horse Treats-  Special Quality for Thoroughbreds Re-Flexer
Hoof ConditionerJockey Horse Treats- Special Quality for ThoroughbredsRe-Flexer

Provides critical nutrients at optimal levels for the development and maintenance of strong, halthy hooves.

Tantalizing taste!  The best tasting horse treat, backed by University research!

Re-Flexer provides the building blocks to help repair stressed or damaged joints and tissues.




Sugar Coat Cane Molasses
Sugar Coat Cane Molasses

Cane molasses mixed right here at Woody's for top quality and reliable safety.